Can the Electric Kit be fitted to my Aga or Rayburn cooker?


It can be fitted seamlessly into most existing 2 and 4 oven Aga cookers as well as the Rayburn cooker on site. However it will not run any water heating boiler in the Aga or Rayburn any boiler will require to be removed at fitting and just disconnected in the Rayburn and drained. It can be fitted or used in new locations at minimal costs, (no flue) or fitted in rooms normally not suited to the sitting of an oil burning Aga cooker or Rayburn type, eg upper stories of buildings.


Electrical Requirements


  • The 2 Oven Aga Electric Kit uses a maximum 14.2 Amps full load.  (Rayburn kit about 12.5A ). 4 Oven Aga kit uses 14.8A full load.


    Electric Kit Heat up times


    The Aga Electric Kit hobs are completely separately controlled from the ovens and can be switched separately.
    Heat up times are much less than the wick or gas Aga cooker:


    HOBS: cold to 365C 30 minutes power used 0.7 Kw
    OVEN: From cold to 200 C 1 hour 35 minutes. Power used 2.7 Kw
    From cold to 235 C 2 hours 2 minutes. Power used 3.6 Kw.


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