We are delighted to announce that we have rebranded to EcoCentric to reflect our commitment to making Aga and Rayburn Range Cookers more eco-friendly.  In line with changing times and the need to cut ties with carbon-based fuels, we are proud to announce our new brand name and company direction.

Ecocentric fit and retro fit the ElectricKit conversion for all oil, LPG, natural gas and solid fuel and coal fired Aga and Rayburn cookers.  Electricity is the only truly renewable fuel we can make and get away from the green house gases carbon burning fuels produce and the high running costs too.


  • ecocentric mission statement: ecocentric is the trading name of Eco Cooker Conversions Ltd and authorised agent for and specialist in the installation of conversion kits to most wick and Gas Aga cookers as well as a large number of the Rayburn Range of cookers including both wick, gas, some solid fuel and pressure jet Rayburns. 


  • ecocentric fit a conversion for oil, LPG, natural gas and coal fired Aga and Rayburn cookers that will help reduce running costs while reducing household carbon emissions.  Contact us and ask what we can do for you.


  • electrickit

  • servicing

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  • ·   Supply and installation of the ElectricKit Conversions
    ·   Service of Aga and Rayburn Cookers
    ·   Rayburn electric conversion sales and Installation
    ·   Repair and refurbishment of Aga and Rayburn Cookers
    ·   Sales of Second hand Aga and Rayburn Cookers
    ·   Sales of Refurbished Aga Cookers (oil and electric conversions)
    ·   Parts for Aga and Rayburn Cookers


  • For more details on our range of refurbished Aga cookers and range of secondhand Aga cookers and Rayburn cookers please contact us.

    Phone: 0044 (0)28 4176 5907
    email: info@ecocentric.ie

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