The ElectricKit uses (in Kw) about half the cost of the same standard AGA with a wick running on oil.  This is running it direct off the House mains electric supply, so it will drastically cut the fuel costs but further savings of about another 50% or more could be had by having Photo Voltaic Panels or a Wind turbine.


*If you have an Aga cooker and a wind turbine or a Photovoltaic Solar panels installation….this has to be the answer. Within the UK if you have either of these then the Microgen scheme will power your Aga for up to 20 years for (depending on the size of your installation) virtually nothing, AND you will get paid your ROCs by the Microgen scheme while you are using your Aga cooker.


What will an Electric Kit Conversion do for my Aga range cooker or Rayburn cooker?


• It will save you a serious amount of money in running costs.
• Remove the use of oil and all its associated problems
• Allow independent control of Hobs and ovens.
• Amazing heat up times.
• Hob and oven can be run on a time clock separately.
• No servicing needed.
• No chimney or Flue needed.
• Will continue to keep the room warm as required.


Approximate running costs of the Traditional Wick Aga cooker
  • Approximate running costs of the Traditional Wick Aga cooker
    Without Snugburner Fuel usage per annum (Litres) Annual running cost (60p/Litre)
    Typical 4 oven and water heating 3900 £2340
    Typical 2 oven and water heating 3150 £1888
    Typical 2 oven 2860 £1716
  • runningcosts

What is the running cost of the Electric Kit conversion?

Every ones use will be slightly different however the running costs of the Electric Kit- Quoted from designer of electric kit taken on a years use based on his family requirement of about 8 hours a day were 2064 Kw or Units. In N Ireland this would be about £400 **.

  • ** Kw units used quoted from Designer for 2011 to 2012
    Season (3 months) Hours Kw (Units)
    Autumn 06.00-09.00/ 16.00-21.30 454
    Winter 24hrs per day oven 708
    Spring 06.00-09.00/ 16.00-21.30 615
    Summer only on as and when required 287
    Total 2064
  • We find that our family requirement is for about 14 hours heat per day with our 2 oven Aga (oil Aga with Snugburner), based on all day occupancy of our large kitchen living area. We use about £800 of oil per year, on a like for like basis we feel the Electric Kit used 14 hours per day will use a similar cost of electricity about £800.